I love a sunburnt country

I didn’t realise just how much I love a sunburnt country until I left.  In fact, until I went to West Texas.  Another sunburnt country.  Desert, saltbush, coyotes, rocky mountain ranges, desolation.  Also cacti.  And snow.  These things all tug at my heart.  Even cacti.  I cannot imagine living in a place without them.  And yet, NYC.  The seeming antithesis of sunburnt country.  I am surprised that I am here.  So are others.  I love to be surprising.

But on waking in the East Village the first morning now A and I moved even further in, to actual Manhattan, the first sound I heard was birds tweeting.  And we watched a fat squirrel scampering around.  I lie in bed and look out the window, towards the sky, straight into a tree that will be green and glorious come spring.

Maybe all it takes is a view of nature, to calm me, to give me a moment.  I am reminded of my last weeks with Nan, where the view of the Dandenong Ranges from her hospital bed made her so happy.  Just like Nan, constrained by a room, I can live constrained by a city, as long as I have a view.

It might not look like much, but the morning sunlight and the chirruping birds make this a great view!