Extra panniers

This trip I have two front panniers in addition to the back two. I still kept the packing the same (OK, I admit I went wild and brought an extra pair of shoes for town since we had so much socializing planned), so the extra panniers meant everything fit a lot more easily and I don’t spend each morning jamming stuff into every available space.

The extra space has proved handy the last few days when I have been carrying all this extra stuff! The boxes are a result of visiting the Villeroy & Boch HQ in Mettlach, and the wine is from the oldest Luxembourg vineyards on the Mosel. We’ll be drinking the wine back at Karlsruhe in a few days, but the boxes are coming home with us – I think getting them on the plane will be trickier than in the panniers!

The front panniers have an extra benefit in that I can get the bike up stairs more easily. Also, they haven’t affected top speed adversly – I hit 53kph the other day, no death wobbles!