Struck by lightning in Cologne

We’ve been in Cologne a couple of times in the last few days. What did we do?

Paid a visit to the home of 4711 Eau de Cologne. This was my first ever perfume! Dad bought a bottle for his big, brave girl when she was 5 and had to spend a night in hospital. Thanks Dad, did I ever tell you I was expecting a giant teddy bear?

And we caught up with my oldest friend, Jayne, who lives in the states now but was en route from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and stopped off for a few hours to catch up. We ate at Cologne’s oldest brewery and visited the cathedral during a HUGE thunderstorm. The cathedral was hit by lightning and we were evacuated (hmm, very dramatic, they made us leave). It was a fabulous day, all the more so because it was so unlikely!

Finally, in late-breaking news, we’ve changed our plans and are not going to cycle the Elbe. More later…


One thought on “Struck by lightning in Cologne

  1. Hi Fe

    Loving the updates and photos. I have travel envy!

    I remember my nanna dabbing 4711 cologne on my forehead when it was hot. She used to say it would cool me down. I believed her.


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