Wine tasting in the Ahrtal

An inspired diversion from the bike path into Mayschoss and this is the result!
The Ahr Valley is one of the only places in Germany that grows Pinot Noir. They have only 540 hectares of vines so it’s hard to buy Ahr wine outside of the Ahrtal. Combine that with Guy’s love of Pinot Noir and the fact it’s his birthday next week and we just had to buy some. We’re schlepping three bottles with us for the rest of the day and have shipped another six bottles home!

Hmm, after tasting all this before lunch, how will we stay upright on the bikes?


One thought on “Wine tasting in the Ahrtal

  1. Nan says “Keep going and enjoy yourselves. Push hard!”
    Mum and Dad say “Eat some sausage for us. We expect to be served shaped sausage slices next time we come to dinner!”

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